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GOOGLE "Pierce-Arrow bicycle"... you'll find a bunch of 'em out there. All over the net. In museums. Web sites. Magazines. Car shows. Auctions. Flea markets and swap meets. Places all over the world. Even on eBay. But what are the FACTS about "PIERCE-ARROW" bicycles? And why is there so much confusion and so many mythical "Pierce-Arrow" bicycles that never were?

There have long been a number of myths and misconceptions about American-made bicycles of the 1800s through 1960s. And these strange myths hit their zenith when the talk turns to the classic bicycle era where those who shout the loudest seem to get the most recognition. Those who publish the books...run the museums and auctions create the "facts" about the "history." The people who write the history... are the people who write the history. And whatever THE museums, auctions and books say... goes. Might is RIGHT. But MIGHT is not necessarily accurate.

In all likelihood, there will continue to be these strange myths–especially now with the Internet and the fact that anyone can claim to be a bicycle history expert simply by saying so! A lot of very creative story-telling goes on out there in the cyber world of the 21st century.

Even scholarly articles, lovely books, Internet sites seem to repeat a lot of the same mythical stories in one way or another. This serves only to reinforce the mistaken beliefs, opinions and just plain wild guesses. Some of these stories even use one another for biblio references (gotta be true because I read it someplace- right?). Amazing. So the bicycle world, collectors and historians blunder forward repeating the same old stories.

Auction houses (including some of the largest and wealthiest on earth) and their glossy catalogues with their authoritarian-sounding write-ups- and misidentified photos have made the situation far worse than ever and have put these myths in stone!

Worst of all, there are museums insisting upon labeling their bicycles as "PIERCE-ARROW." Tell them they're wrong? They just get mad, ignore it and blunder ahead anyway! After all, most museums today are no longer run by real historians or people with all-out passions for historical accuracy. They're run by people with degrees in non-profit organizations and fund raising- which of course is their REAL agenda. They have boards and make edicts and "histories" via "volunteers" who may be well meaning, but off the mark. Why be serious about history?

As one fellow told us when we pointed out all of the errors in a big book- "Hey, who cares? While you're worrying about getting it right, the publisher just made another hundred grand! That's all that counts." Wow. Indeed. Because of attitudes like this one, is it really any wonder why the entire American bicycle industry has ceased to exist in manufacturing on any scale? Ever heard of the British auto industry? And if you heard of that and what happened to it... ever heard of the American auto industry and what's happened to it? Sticking your head in the sand just because you happen to be making money or because YOU hold the reins to power is a pretty sad example to worship. Failing to care is not a plus- it's a minus. Details and accuracy DO count- whether you are making cars, building houses or writing history. Being ignorant by CHOICE is a flaw–or at least it ought to be.

Then there are astoundingly verbose arguments and absurd stories on the net, passed off as if–oh yes–this is historical fact!

Since no one else has come forward to correct the numerous errors in the particular articles and exhibits in question after all these years, it must therefore follow that no one out there knows any better. Not exactly true. WE know better. And now... you will too! Read ahead...


There continues to be an ongoing controversy about whether Pierce bicycles were “Pierce-Arrow” bicycles or simply “Pierce.” Many years ago, we corrected a couple of museums and auction companies who were selling what they claimed to be “Pierce-Arrow” bicycles. We told them that the bicycles were simply known as “Pierce” and that the automobiles were known as “Pierce-Arrow” and one was one–the other was the other. We told them that the bicycles were NOT called “Pierce-Arrow.” Apparently there were those who took offense to this correction. But we stand by what we said then. Here is why.

The company that made the bicycles was originally the George N. Pierce Company of Buffalo, NY.… and surely you folks out there KNOW we have the catalogues. We're not merely sitting here handing you GUESSES. Surely you MUST know this! Yet, some arguers give the excuse that the bicycle name was changed when the COMPANY name changed from The George N. Pierce Company to The Pierce Cycle Company around 1906. Wrong.

• Here is a scan of an original 1898 letter from the George N. Pierce Company. You will note that the letterhead states “Pierce Cycles”… not “Pierce-Arrow Bicycles.”

Pierce Letter

• Here is an 1899 ad from the George N. Pierce Company. Again. it refers to “PIERCE CYCLES”… NOT “Pierce-Arrow”…

Pierce Cycles

•Here is a scan from our 1901 Pierce Bicycle catalogue, Page 4. You will note that the text places the word “PIERCE” in ALL caps and BOLD font. This is not OUR emphasis… it is the emphasis of the PIERCE CYCLE COMPANY. This is a page in a catalogue from the George N. Pierce Company. And you will note that the page refers to the bicycles ONLY as “PIERCE”…. NOT Pierce-Arrow.”

Pierce Bike

•So where is this mythical reference to the bicycle by the George N. Pierce Company as “Pierce-Arrow”??? The cover of this catalogue says “PIERCE CYCLES” and no word “arrow.” .

Pierce Bike

•And while one can argue absurdly and endlessly that the arrow in the Pierce logo means “Pierce-Arrow.” Such an argument becomes pointless if you READ the actual TEXT in the catalogues that clearly states “PIERCE bicycles”… not “Pierce-Arrow bicycles.” Pierce-Arrow was the car–NOT the bicycle. At least under the companies of George N. Pierce, Pierce Cycle Company and Emblem Manufacturing Company (last maker of the genuine Pierce cycles). READ WHAT THE PIERCE CYCLE COMPANY SAID IN ONE OF THEIR OWN PUBLICATIONS …AND NOTE THAT THEY DIFFERENTIATE THE REFERENCE BETWEEN PIERCE-ARROW MOTOR CARS AND PIERCE BICYCLES…

Pierce Bike

• Here is a 1909 catalogue from The Pierce Cycle Company … where is the reference to “Pierce-Arrow”?

Pierce Bike

•And here is a later cover from Emblem Manufacturing Company after they took over manufacture of Pierce bicycles. Again… WHERE is the reference to “Pierce-Arrow bicycles”?

Pierce Bike

• Here is an example of the headbadges they made for these bicycles. Badges for Pierce bicycles made prior to acquisition by Emblem Mfg. Co. say "BUFFALO N.Y.. Those AFTER state "Angola N.Y." Again NOTE: badges DID NOT say “Pierce-Arrow” only “PIERCE”…

Pierce Bike

It is very, very clear that none of the companies that made the original Pierce bicycles referred to them as “Pierce-Arrow” bicycles. SO. Where are the latest arguments claiming such names based? Where are the arguers hanging their hats? On “PRETENDER” latter-day bicycles made under the name.


There were at least a half-dozen different bicycle series that we have been able to track down that were made under the “Pierce-Arrow” name. There are 10-speeds, 3-speed lightweights, juveniles, even folding bicycles- almost all imported with the exception of a Ross-based line and a Snyder/Rollfast-based line. They turn up on eBay all the time, often with some very fanciful stories. NONE of these were made by the original George N. Pierce Company, the Pierce Cycle Company, nor its successor company, Emblem Manufacturing in Angola, NY. None of the examples we’ve found-despite internet and auction house stories to the contrary–were very old, nor were they made by the original companies set up by George N. Pierce or the successor company. Most were never even made in the USA. Most-possibly all- we have found appear to be private-labeled from an old bicycle shop in New York state. We are still waiting for factual information to the contrary… but after 40+ years of looking, none has turned up! If you've got ANYTHING other than gas bag opinion, let's SEE it! Otherwise...engage your mind, and let's use our intellects here.

At one point in the late 1950s/early 1960s, a New York distributor/retailer imported a line of foreign-made lightweight multi-speed bicycles and branded them “Pierce-Arrow.” You could see that the branding went wayyyy overboard with everything possible blaring the name, “Pierce-Arrow” in large graphics and a pressed headbadge.

This very headbadge has been illustrated on the internet- as so-called “evidence” of an “original Pierce-Arrow bicycle made by George N. Pierce.” But in fact, it is bogus and is actually from the imported lightweight PRETENDER “Pierce-Arrow” bicycle. And we own one. Here is OURS…

Pierce Bike

• SURELY now, of course you loyal NBHAA fans out there KNOW that we already own one of these PRETENDERS and have had it in our collection for many decades. It was NOT made in the USA and George N. Pierce most certainly never saw this imported lightweight bicycle 100 years ago! And here it is…

Pierce Bike

• HERE! Take a GOOD look at the PRETENDER chainguard graphic up close! Durned bicycle says "Pierce-Arrow" everywhere they could figure out to put the wording in- like they were afraid you'd miss it! C'mon now. You folks out there (yes, including you museums and high 'n mighty auction houses)...you don't REALLY think this imported 3-piece chrome-plated sprocket and crank and lightweight bicycle are 100 years old... do you? You museums don't REALLY think that the original Pierce bicycles have any direct connection to these things do you? SERIOUSLY???

Pierce Bike

• And another shot from the rear- don’t want you to miss anything...!

Pierce Bike

• And, during the 1960s, we suspect this same New York wholesale distributor or retailer got the Chain Bike Corporation (makers of famous Ross brand) to badge a line of their Ross cycles… again as “Pierce-Arrow” bicycles. Now, people... you don't REALLY think that George N. Pierce somehow had something to do with this Ross-built bicycle made in the 1960s...DO YOU? SERIOUSLY?? Take a look…
Pierce Pret2Badge

Pierce Bike

• And, LAST, but not least, during recent years an investment group in Europe (that includes the guy with the wild mustache and future trucks from the TV show "Beyond Tomorrow") have somehow obtained rights to the name. They even have a web site. SO? You guessed it, THEY are claiming they will be producing new cars badged "Pierce-Arrow" and "continuing the tradition." But they're not stopping there. Yes, as you might imagine, they are also offering motorcycles and bicycles. AND, smart readers, what's the name on these new motorcycles and bicycles gonna be?? Why, of course. You guessed it. "Pierce-Arrow!" And... so it goes.


• NOT SO FAST! We've got another winner here! Another professor of bicycle "history." We have a new argument that has recently arisen on the glorious vintage bicycle scene. THIS TIME, someone cutely shoves it into a bicycle forum where they can sneak this in on the internet as a "fact." And they can show off to everyone what a genius they are! Here they can impress others who have no idea of what is right or wrong–but by golly, it's on the internet or in a magazine!!!! SO? It's gotta be correct...right?

Sneakyyyyyy! Based on a set of photos and captions published in "Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review" from 1914, one fellow and his followers have decided, OH YES!!! There was indeed a Pierce-Arrow bicycle! See? The proof is right here in the magazine! It says so in a hand-made sign next to a bicycle and in the magazine captions. And THE editor for that magazine HAD to be an expert that would never, ever make a mistake. Right? Wrong.

So? HERE is OUR response.

Internet forums are sometimes good. Havens for the guessers, arguers, net bullies, communal historians and DIY-ers. And that's fine. But quite often they are just havens for loudmouths who want to be bullies or show off "knowledge" that is really just ignorance posing as "information."

In a forum, one can literally make up any story they like and post it as fact. In a forum, one can be a big hero by picking up partial information from elsewhere (like borrowing it from us without crediting us) and presenting it as if the poster knew it all on their own! OR then putting one's own twist on it–skewing the entire meaning in the end. In a forum, one can take quotes out of context and present them as fact. In a forum, one can APPEAR to be a big leader by gathering numbers around them and pretending to distribute "information" to people who read the forum... and thus appear to be a great hero...even a "leader." In a forum– in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And in the world of the uninformed–anyone who stands up and proclaims that THEY "know" some great information can make up and say all they want. And there is no truth detector!

Of course, since the latest arguer KNEW we'd just turn around and evaporate their silly claims, they chose to just by-pass us and present this stuff in a forum where it could make THEM look smart and us look dumb. Well? Now it's our turn.

Someone loyal to NBHAA after seeing the latest "Pierce-Arrow bicycle" silliness posted in a forum sent us these three images from the 1914 issue of "Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review" (yesssss, we have many, many of these magazines. They said, "Here are more items for the historical record." So, we are sharing these with you NBHAA Loyals out there who prefer to know the facts instead of the fudge. Be sure to read what we say AFTER you look at these pics and captions.

• The first shows a photo with a schlockobogus hand-made sign in if that refers to "Pierce-Arrow bicycles"...

• The next is a reference (via editor-inserted caption) to a dealer for "Pierce-Arrow" bicycles...

• The last is a photo image of two fellows with pierce bicycles. By the way–if you look closely, you will notice the pack on the rear carrier clearly says "PIERCE" and not Pierce-Arrow...

For those who do not know any better... it is a peculiarity of the publishing business that captions for photos are normally written in by editors. Editors are usually people with training in English or possibly journalism... or degrees in English–which is how one sees so many mistakes regarding technical and historical information to this day in 2015. So 101 years ago, somebody popped up with a sign in a photo that said "World's Smallest Pierce-Arrow."

• The first question any sane and rational person OUGHT to be asking is was that SIGN CORRECT?

• The next question should be was the sign making a cute joke in reference to Pierce-Arrow automobiles vs. the little child's bicycle or salesman's sample?

Let's not be absurd here. It is quite obvious that the editor who wrote the caption did not know what he was doing and merely repeated what the sign said in referring to the bicycles as "Pierce-Arrow." Having a job as an editor for a trade magazine does not make one infallible, nor did it mean that the editor was an expert in Pierce bicycles!

We have over 80,000 original paper items. Do you honestly think this "forum" guy has discovered some mysterious holy grail we don't know about? Of course we have seen such stuff before. Sign makers make mistakes. Magazines and newspapers make mistakes today... and they made them in 1914. But it is a caption... written by a misinformed editor who fell into the trap of calling everything "Pierce-Arrow" like the car! Simple as that. As a former executive editor for a publishing company, I can tell you something right here and now. It is the peculiarity of the publishing business that editors write captions. AND editors make mistakes... sometimes BIG ones. Sometimes never corrected. But does this make them right? No.

We've seen dozens of trade magazine references to "MONARCH" when they really were referring to MONARK brand. AND... this same lunacy still goes on today...! Like most stupidity, It is a train that won't be stopped.

We have a very nice 8 x 10 glossy photo take in 1947 and published in American Bicyclist magazine and newspapers back then. It shows a Whizzer dealer standing in what appears to be a trade show booth displaying all of his wares. The professionally-made sign on the wall behind him proudly proclaims this fellow is a "Wizzer Dealer." Would you believe, that went we have shown this photo to others they have actually wanted to argue that the "Wizzer" spelling is "correct"????? THIS is how silly the internet has made some folks. Not smarter... just lemmings. Now since another know-it-all-know-nothing who likes to pick fights is being so smart, WHAT does it say on the pouch of the bicycle in the bottom photo??? Do you see anywhere it says "Pierce-Arrow"??????? No. But it darned sure does say "Pierce". So some editor mistakenly wrote bad captions in a trade magazine and nobody corrected the error in 1914... (or at least it made it to print–not to say it was never corrected later). Big deal. It is STILL wrong! So some inept editor wrote bad captions in a trade magazine and nobody corrected the error in 1914... (or at least it made it to print–not to say it was never corrected later). Big deal. It is STILL wrong!


• HERE is the cover of Pierce Cycles OFFICIAL catalogue from 1895. What does it say about "Pierce-Arrow"? NADDA!

• NEXT is the cover from the 1899 Pierce Cycle catalogue. WHERE is the reference to "Pierce-Arrow"??? Hmmmm?



• Next is 1915... WHERE IS THE REFERENCE TO PIERCE-ARROW??? Awwwwww. AND notice the wording: "Pierce Bicycles".... NOT "Pierce-Arrow" bicycles (and this is the year AFTER the magazine flub).

So. There are likely those who will continue to argue forever–one way or the other, but we rest our case. The bicycles made by the George N. Pierce Company of Buffalo, NY, The Pierce Cycle Company of Buffalo, NY and Emblem Manufacturing Company of Angola, NY were all known as “PIERCE” bicycles. This was the ORIGINAL name of the bicycle brand. And (sorry motorcycle folks) as far as we know, the name of the motorcycles they made too! The automobiles were known as Pierce-Arrow Motor Cars.





• The bicycles that were later branded “Pierce-Arrow” are from much more recent years and NOT from the same lineage as the originals. There is no evidence that bicycles from George N. Pierce Company ever were branded “Pierce-Arrow.”

• What about the clocks or random signs that have turned up saying “Pierce-Arrow Bicycles?” Well? What about them? The one clock example from the big Sotheby's auction of 2000 was listed in their catalogue as "non-working electric movement." Yet this clock appears to have manual wind key insertion holes–very typical of modern-day faux-retro clocks (usually battery operated) that turn up today in antique shops and decorator stores. Same hands and face. Now, why would an electric clock need to be manually wound?

• What about the times when wholesale listings referred to Monark bicycles as “Monarch” bicycles? What about the ancient newspaper ads from bicycle shops across the country that cleverly advertised "Pierce-Arrow" bicycles when they should have known they were selling PIERCE brand bicycles? The big HEADLINE of these ads usually said "PIERCE-ARROW" in big letters... and then in the text of the ad... simply "PIERCE." This may irritate some modern political bicycle people, but like it or not, the prestige name of the car SOLD bicycles.

People who write copy make mistakes–sometimes accidentally on purpose. Sometimes because they just plain don't know any better. BOOKS, heaven knows, make mistakes. Sign painters make mistakes. Museums make mistakes (there are several museums out there right now with “Pierce-Arrow” listed for their bicycles when they are in fact Pierce–and that’s all. MUSEUMS should know better–RIGHT? But they don't). Even movies make mistakes. But we don’t need to perpetuate these mistakes do we? Well? DO WE?

The thing that makes it worse is when you make this kind of mistake and refuse to admit it!

This Pierce-Arrow bicycle controversy has raged for decades with no resolution. We know that it SOUNDS GOOD to say, "PIERCE-ARROW BICYCLE" rather than "PIERCE BICYCLE." It sounds cool. It gives people something to talk about. It lets people link the bicycles to the famous classic cars. Maybe that makes the prestige of the classic car rub off on the two-wheelers. But the bicycles were already prestigious in their own right BEFORE the cars appeared. AND... in the end, the facts are the facts. No matter how many times someone says otherwise... the bicycles were simply PIERCE bicycles. All the gas bag opinion and arguing in the world won't change the facts. That's all.

Got photos of more PRETENDER Pierce-Arrow bicycles? Send them in. We love to keep seeing them.

However, we are sure there will simply be another chapter in the stories. So? Anyone–ANYONE out there with cold, hard evidence to the contrary is welcome to bring it out into the light of day and let’s see it! SHOW IT. Otherwise, hopefully, we can put this issue of "Pierce-Arrow" vs. PIERCE bicycles to rest at long last.

Now. Did you learn anything? Go back and Google "Pierce-Arrow bicycle" and see just how many ginormous, jillion hits you get! And have fun reading the stories–some of them from museums! Who knows? You might even educate THEM... just by telling the museums, auction houses and web sites about this GTCC story! But be prepared... they may just get ticked off at you too! A mind is a terrible thing to waste...but when it comes to bicycle history, we don't need a dumpster–we need a LANDFILL!

* * * * *

As ALWAYS... WE SAY TO YOU... Happy Correcting and Collecting. Keep checking back for more!

Guide To Correcting The Classics will return in...

• "Evolutions of the Bicycle" - NOW ONLINE IN GTCC!!

• "Auction Catalogue MADness", and

• "Who REALLY Invented The Mountain Bike?? AND- The REAL Story of Excelsior Bicycles" (Ohhh you'll LOVE this one! We wrote it several years ago for the International Cycle History Conference–ICHC... and it was so hot, so controversial–AND so factual that they refused to publish it! Wanna know why?)



We can identify almost any bicycle manufactured in North America between 1920 and 1970. We can also assist with bicycles made prior to this AND after this time. However, our era of specialty is between these dates. Also, since we primarily focus on American-made bicycles our involvement with non-domestic bicycles is limited. In some cases such as Raleigh and certain other imported makes, we do have a good amount of archival material. In other cases, we can advise you where to get information.


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